Who We Are

Cycle Haus is Los Gatos based enthusiastic and dedicated cycle house outfitted with various cycle machines and equipment, with expertise in carbon fiber repair & fabrication and capable of accommodating the majority of cycle needs.

Whether you are looking for new gear, repair services, bike fit or training, we’re here to help, seven days a week.

Our Mission

We want to help you find

  • The best bike that fits you ergonomically, and also fits your budget fiscally,
  • The best services that accommodate your needs with the required components & accessories.
  • If you already have a bike, we want to help you keep it around, use and enjoy it to its fullest

What We DO

We sell full-scale race machines, mountain and triathlon bikes.

We build bikes with new parts, components and accessories. We fix bikes. We train triathletes with biomechanic 3D gathering and go as far as metabolic markers to better endurance.


Carbon X-Ray Inspection & Repair for bikes purchased at Cycle Haus!

FREE Bike Pick-ups!

Arrange a free bike pick-up for carbon fiber repair, custom paint or decal/stencil work, general bike maintenance, etc…Fill out the contact and time form at Bike Concierge and we’ll get back to you!

Contact us normal via phone, text message, or drop box to the drop to contact us.


Carbon Fiber Repair

This reputable service provider has numerous experiences in the industry. With its competence, many riders continue to seek help from it. There must be no doubt when you contact Cycle Haus. You will only expect for the best service along the way. Your money will be allotted to a worthy investment. If you have a problem with your bicycle carbon frame, Cycle Haus is composed of experts who will give a reliable solution. You can stop worrying too much. A dedicated service provider will truly stay at your side. The Carbon repair process is quite easy. Through incorporating great techniques and skills, the frame will look better than before. First, there will be an overall inspection for the bicycle.


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