Great Bicycle for Great Ride

Bicycles come in many different shapes or specifications, and each of them is designed to complement specific riding style. Either you want to modify your bicycle or want to purchase new one, chances are you will get a pre-assembled item.

Similar to all professionals, every cyclist has personal preference and it is nearly impossible for any manufacturer to provide an all-rounder bike to meet everybody’s expectation. Based on riding style or purpose, some of the most popular ones are as follows.

• Road Bikes: typical features are relatively narrow wheels and drop down handle bar. There is no suspension, and the bicycles are usually lightweight. It is good for riding on pavements, for fitness, training, and long-distance.

• dable bikes, and more. Regardless of how expensive your bicycle is, you probably still find one or two minor drawbacks. It can be the less comfortable saddle, pedals that are too small or too big for your feet, slippery handle grip, or even the absence of water bottle compartment.

• Mountain Bikes: although most people regard mountain bikes as all-rounder, some (if not many) riders modify their mountain bikes to complement their preferences. A pre-assembled mountain bike can adapt to different road conditions and even tackle difficult terrains. They have strong frames, suspensions, and rigid tires.

• Triathlon bikes: built solely for competition rather than leisure riding. These bikes are very light and designed to be fast, probably the fastest on the road.

Beside the aforementioned, there are also hybrid bikes, flat bar, cruiser, fixie, fol


Apart from models or types of riding, another thing to consider is the size. Regardless of your riding style, the bicycle must fit properly to your body weight and height to make sure comfortable experience. Proper size is not just important, it is critical for perfect riding experience. You should not decide to purchase a bicycle based merely on assumption that the bike is possibly the right choice. Even when your friends recommend a bicycle because they have the exact same type, you cannot be entirely sure that the same bicycle will be comfortable for you too. At its best, incorrectly or non-proportional bike can be dangerous to you and the riders around you. Here are some rules of thumb for bicycle size:

• When the pedal (either right or left) is at its lowest position, your knee should be in slightly bent position. Of course, you can easily make adjustments by lowering or increasing saddle position, but it will alter your posture when riding, and this can be uncomfortable too.

• There should be slight bend in the elbow as well; at the same time, you cannot be too far or too close to the handlebar.

• During straddling movement, the gap between your crotch and top tube should be about an inch (for a man’s bike) or two inches for mountain bike. Woman bike does not have top tube, so this rule does not apply.

Optional bike components

Last but not least, you may also need additional accessories such as head lamp for riding at night, specific saddle, pedals, grips, tires, and more. As mentioned earlier, many riders modify their bicycles for perfect fit. It is like when guitarists need to order custom-made instruments to be able to play to their full potentials. Ready-made bicycles are built based on market research and consumer feedbacks, but they hardly represent everyone. Sometimes you have no choice but to replace the stock components with custom parts.

The problem is that changing a specific component of a bicycle can create certain imbalances, and therefore you need to replace more stock components. Without careful considerations, it may lead to huge expense. Sometimes, the best thing to do is left the job to professionals.

Custom-built Bicycle by Cycle Haus

Cycle Haus is a mobile professional bicycle shop outfitted with a complete range of bicycle components or parts including accessories to provide or repair bicycles exactly according to your personal preference. Either you want to purchase a bike but not sure what to look for, or you want to repair an old-abandoned bicycle in your garage, Cycle Haus can help you to find the proper parts and components for your needs. It also builds new bicycle that perfectly fits your body, budget, and riding preference.

Unlike the more conventional brick & mortar shop, we choose to go with our mobile shop for pick-ups and drop-off at your place. We understand that it can be quite troubling to bring a damaged bicycle to a shop and leave disappointed for you don’t find what you’re looking for. Instead of requiring you to come to us, it is our pleasure to come to your place, pick up the bicycle, fix it, and deliver them back to you. And if you think it is time to purchase new bicycle, we will be more than happy to provide all your parts your need and build the bicycle based on your personal taste.

There should not be any guesswork when building or purchasing bicycle and its parts. Everything has to be precisely measured to bring together performance, speed, durability, and ease-of-use in balance. One of the best things about being able to custom-build your bicycle is the fact that your investment is not going to be waste of money because every part of your bike is chosen based on your preference. It is also possible, if you are creative enough, to build one-of-a-kind bicycle with a non-ordinary form factor and combination of different parts to stand out from the crowd without sacrificing comfort and durability.

Our mobile shop offers services to repair or build full scale race bicycles, triathlon and mountain bikes as well. There is no need to bring a damaged bicycle to a shop or spend hours browsing bikes that cannot fit you. All you have to do is call and we’ll be there for you. We realize that it is nearly impossible to perform the most through checks or test bicycles on our mobile shop due to limitation of space and electric equipment; currently, we do not provide on-site repair, but this is a major factor that’s going to be improved in the near future.