Cycle Fitting

Does having a great bikemake any difference to my biking experience? This is supposedly a question that runs in the mind of common bikers or just probably considered their biking as their new habit. Well, nothing could shave more period of time off the bike split than in a comfortable position. In fact, in your 40 kilometer ride, the aero position which preferably a horizontal torso could save you up to 15 minutes, and saving 1-2 minutes with aero wheels.

Once you set up properly, you can feel as if you are horizontally suspended once in an aero position. While there are no tensions in yourshoulder,lower back, hams, and quads, you could hit the pedal while preventing the force from beating the rest of your body. Furthermore, once your hip is in correct angle, you can have all of your muscles starting from your buttocks down to put on force to the pedals. But in contrast position, you will force your quads to work overtime and may lower your back too, which result on a slower pace of biking.

Cycling is not just about your bike. Perfect synergy between the machine and the rider must be considered. It’s all about efficiency and comfort. Getting a seamlessly fitted bike will allow a faster ride.

 Cycle fitting adapts your bike to fit on your body. Considering individual differences, each one of the bikers have different body built, and biking needs, thus their bike fits also differs. When it comes to flexibility, riding style and range if motions, trained fitters of the team can help you achieve ideal biking cycling position which will develop more comfort, performance and likely will reduce the probability of injuries.

Anyone who thinks of riding a bike will surely benefit from allowing experts to assess their position to assure cycling comfort, efficiency and injury prevention. All cyclist, whether there are already experts or just a beginner could benefit from acquiring thorough analysis as part of cycling fit. Women bikers can also greatly benefit from bike fit considering the fact that there are fewer bike options for women, so Cycle fitting can help in achieving an ideal cycling position.

The GURU Fit System

The GURU Fit system is currently the world’s most advance system in terms of bike fitting. It is a state-of-the-art computer controlled fitting unit which allows riders to have the GURU’s virtual ride to determine the decline/syncline adjustment in a stimulated bike riding condition. The software used, based on customer’s body morphology, propose a starting position through using the XY coordinates, afterwards it adjust the fitting to millimeter so to achieve the perfect fit, which is optimized for position, cadence, power, and comfort.This Computrainer tracks the rider’s power output while adjusting the resistance accordingly to stimulate the changes in the track. Thus, enable cyclist of all experience levels and ages to find the perfect riding position and perfect bike to match each personal preferences.

Through using this, the trained fitters can assure that they provide maximum efficiency and comfort to the customers. The GURU Bike Finder has been integrated, a system which utilizes GURU optimizer technology in determining the best bike considering the efficiency and rider’s comfort factor. But the heart of this system which makes finding the best fist is possible is its DFU (Dynamic Fit Unit). After the fitting, there is also bike fit comprehensive data which can be used in setting up of new bike or optimizing the rider’s current bike.

GURU DFU and the experts

Well, it’s quite impossible to acquire an accurate fitting just through the system itself. GURU DFU is just a tool used by the skilled fitters to quicken the process of cycle fitting. From gear to methodology, this fit system is a tool to efficiently do the job. In the hands of a person with minimal training, this might not be that effective tool. However, in the hand of the experts, DFU can be the most powerful dynamic cycling fitting tool you could ever encounter. This stuff makes a great fitter just in a sprint.

 Through using this system, customers are rest assured to arrive on a perfect fit. The team knows how important the belief of clients regarding the team’s recommendation. Even how great is the suggested fit, if one doesn’t know what the bases of that, then you wouldn’t immediately consider it. And since this provides great comfort and efficiency, customers are likely to stick on it for a longer period of time. DFU’s experience makes a recommendation as one’s own and not just as someone’s piece of advice.

Cycle Fitting with GURU DFU

Who doesn’t want to experience great comfort in biking? Who doesn’t prefer to endure longer period of time for biking? Who want to be left out while companions are getting faster to the finish line? Who wants to have not-that-incredible biking experience?

Surely, none of you out there wants to undergo these stuffs and would rather be at home rather than experiencing a horrible biking experience. The importance of acquiring the best fit has been mentioned above, so you probably aware of what will be the effect once you just take it for granted. Well, that may seem obvious, but really a right fit is basically a function of comfort, and who could better determine your comfort than yourself?

Cycle Fitting- Is it worth it?

Numerous bikers are initially turned off from the fittings due to its price. Although fitting may be a little bit expensive, the fact that it provides myriad of benefits is enough reason to consider it. Beginners who are not familiar of how should a bike feel and fit, and those individuals who cannot get comfortable on their present setup or just have some nagging injuries, a skilled bike fitting personnel using the right fitting tool can help you get rid of those discomforts. Even a competitive cyclist who looks for marginal gains can benefit from cycling fit and could even be their aid to win races.

“Is Cycling worth of your penny?” Definitely yes! And through the use of GURU Fitting system, you will not just acquire great comfort and efficiency, but also will enjoy the process itself.


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