Tri –training at Cycle Haus is one of the best things that each of interested people can have from the company. They are very much willing to lead their customer on the best things they can always offer to them. In this tri-training service, the interested triathletes may go under the innovative performance protocols. The protocol aims to know the overall capacity of the person in making the activity. This is the reason why Cycle Haus has its expert cycling coach to those people who want to learn cycling and be able to join on the competition. In case one is interested of this coaching offer, Dave, who is the exert coach from Cycle Haus can bring the best of each cyclists. The tri- training which is being provided by the expert coach of Cycle Haus focuses on their periodic training plans and metabolic bike fits. Each of these has their essential focus too which completes a successful testing and training of the athletes. This is their way to ensure that they are capable of guiding some cycling athletes in the field to become always into good condition whenever they go cycling. In case you are interested in each of the offers by Cycle Haus, you can always contact them. Take a look at the different offers available from their company from cycling personal products, bicycle accessories and components as well as into their coaching offers. Each of these offers gives variety of options too that will enable every interested clients to trust their brand and the company as well.  Call or email Cycle Haus and learn more about them and what offers they have for you to take the chance of meeting the best service provider out there.

Dave’s Story 

In 1993, Dr. Jon Linderman and his graduate student, Dave Liotta, used their University’s exercise physiology lab to evaluate many top Northern California cyclists and triathletes. Using power output data and seminal theories about lactate metabolism (inspired by the work of George Brooks of UC Berkeley) Linderman and Liotta successfully developed several novel performance testing protocols that foreshadowed current state of the art power output based training practices.

In 1995, Dr. Linderman took a position at The Ohio State University and Dave completed his graduate research publishing the article The effects of three diets on endurance in trained and untrained cyclists. Dave Liotta has since continued the craft of power output based performance testing and evidence-based coaching of endurance athletes.

In 2012, Liotta founded BeFit Consultants to reflect the expanded range of expertise provided (BeFit now offers bike fits and strength and conditioning guidance through a network of fellow “best in class” providers).

Dave’s perspective has been enriched by over 25 years as a competitive amateur triathlete. Between 1991 and 2003 Dave competed in 4 Hawaii events somewhat successfully. He still believe getting there was the major accomplishment.

After his second Hawaii and being disappointed in his chosen graduate program in Clinical Psychology he switched his graduate school aspirations to Exercise Physiology where he conducted and published research on the “40-30-30″ diet and endurance.

All these experiences where a spiral up, eventually leading me to coaching other triathletes (head coach of the Santa Cruz Triathlon Association, Team in Training for several years as well as coaching many elites) and teaching Health Science and activity classes at Cabrillo College.

Periodic Training Plans

Evidence based training plans rely on three pillars: Movement, metabolism and recovery. Only through the proper practice of these three principals do athletes uncover their deep potentials.

  • Movement:  Athletes are encouraged to have a Functional Movement Analysis before starting a program. Correct movement patterns are the crux high level performance and injury prevention.
  • Metabolism:  Every athlete has a different metabolic response to exercise stress. Any other method of creating training zones other than directly measuring blood lactate accumulation during exercise is more guesswork than science. Metabolic threshold tests describe each athlete’s unique zones as well as strengths and weaknesses.
  • Recovery: Athletes don’t get faster from training, they get faster from recovering from training. Proper recovery hygiene is the ultimate merger of art and science; recovery must be proportional to exercise stress in quantity and quality.

Metabolic Bike Fits

Merging the use of the a Bike Fitting System and metabolic markers (blood lactate and heart rate) offers perhaps the most advanced bike fit available.  Besides comfort it also achieve fast position with efficiency muscle coordination on the bike attainable.

  • Dynamic Fitting: Capturing the rider’s exact position while in motion will achieve efficiency coordination and speed.
  • Biomechanics data gathered in the 3D space: Referencing multiple angles of the rider to see measurements such as knee and hip angles as well as lateral knee tracking and hip lateral travel.
  • Measurement Accuracy: Creating true objective data within a millimeter to achieve the perfect biomechanical fit.

Testing Service Threshold Menu

> Conconi Test: $115

It is sport medicine test that measure the max anaerobic and aerobic thresholds of the heart rates. This test will show an individual’s lactate level and can provide performance data numbers.

> BSX Threshold Test: $115

Lactate threshold is that single number defines an individual athletic capacity and determines an ideal train zone. BSX Insight is a wearable device that can monitors those things and enhance you performance numbers when going through metaphysical training.

> Blood Lactate Metabolic Threshold Test: $175

Researcher have identified there are three factors performance – VO2 max AKA aerobic, economy of movement, and lactate threshold.

> Moxy Monitor Threshold Test: $150

The Moxy is a tool that monitor cardiac, respiratory, and muscular assessments. It can then be use for training targeting what’s holding an individual back.

> FTP / Maxlass Test: $115

> Pro Bike Fit using the Guru system: $300

> Pro Bike Fit using Guru and Moxy Monitor: $375 AKA “ metabolic bike fit”

> Triathlon Coaching: $325 / mo., minimum 3 months. Contact Dave for details.


Carbon X-Ray Inspection & Repair for bikes purchased at Cycle Haus!