Paint And Decal Match

Are you satisfied with the current appearance of your bicycle? After considering a carbon repair, you are surely pleased with the result of the new frame. You will no longer sacrifice on a substandard vehicle. Whether the road is flat or rocky, there’s no problem with a possible accident. Aside from the good performance of the bicycle, it is equally necessary to improve its “look”. As part of the repair, custom paint or decal matching can be performed by Cycle Haus. There is an assurance that your own preference will be the priority of the service provider. We value customers so it is important to meet their standards. We believe that people have unique taste when it comes to the color of their bicycle.

Cycle Haus will paint your used or new frames with utmost aesthetic appeal. You will just be surprised of the great transformation you will see on the succeeding days. Biking experience will make you more proud of your vehicle. There’s no space for hesitations and shame for having a rusty bicycle. With the help of Cycle Haus, your old-looking bike will become eye-catching. Your custom-made bike frame is guaranteed to have long-lasting effect, not like those materials which immediately fade. If you prefer a single color and decal matching, only minimal fee will be asked from you. On the other hand, incorporating multiple colors will just add a little amount compared to the single one.It is important to note that personalized paint might have additional cost for the overall service. Custom paint is composed of controlled and complex processes to come up with a perfect work. There is an inspection for defects and dents. With low pressure, the technicians ensure that everything is in moderation. Etching primer and sealer primer are also applied to make custom painting a great one. Then, the chosen color and clear coat are applied accordingly. Next, wet sanding and the final coat will be done. Despite of the higher rate, you will definitely feel glad about the changes made by the expert technicians. Creativity and originality are some of the special elements applied to the completion of work. Lastly, the bicycle frame will undergo the finishing touch.If you have high expectations from a restoration job, Cycle Haus will be your ultimate partner for meeting your needs. It will never disappoint you as customers. Considering the fact that you entrusted your vehicle to us, we have no valid reason to satisfy your taste. The professional technicians within Cycle Haus are highly knowledgeable and passionate in enhancing bicycles. They are not motivated by the commission they can get, but of the positive feedback from the loyal customers.

Versatility is also evident in Cycle Haus. The service provider conducts research about the current trend on painting bicycles. In that way, the technicians can suggest the mostly preferred design by the majority. You will not be left behind if you pick Cycle Haus as your primary company. Whether you want a simple or detailed paint, you will totally like the result. Regret will be out of your way—only happiness and contentment.


Carbon X-Ray Inspection & Repair for bikes purchased at Cycle Haus!